Refurbishment/adaptation to the HQE standards (french eco-friendly norm) of a parisian building by SETIM

This renovation project HQE (High Environmental Quality) is part of a growing willingness of investors to adapt their existing real estate properties to the new requirements of heating and thermal regulations.

Refurbishment following french HQE regulations Rue des Italiens Paris

However, if the insulating materials used are common both in the construction of a new building or renovating an existing one, the subtlety lies, in this particuliar case, in their selection and adaptation to the specificities of each site.

On this project, the Project Management has opted for stone wool type insulating basis with BA10 siding in some areas and BA10 siding with polyurethane foam in others while playing with thicknesses. Regarding the lower slope insulation, wooden fiber with high density BA13 siding and vapor barrier was chosen for its specific properties (humidity control, density) rather than the stone wool.

Another peculiarity of this operation : it follows the requirements of the BREEAM Label (British Research Establishment environmental assesment method) developed by the British building research institution that takes into account the overall impact of the construction or renovation on the environment, by investigating the methodology of all stakeholders.

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