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A word from SETIM executive

"Since 1980, the SETIM expertise and ability to manage complex projects within the constraints of cost, time, quality and environment have enabled us to create a relationship of mutual trust with our clients.

Thanks to this experience, we have expanded our offering assuming the role of turnkey plant engineer in which we are delivering retail stores or office buildings.

However, SETIM continued to develop its expertise on its core business and particularly in major renovation trade in 2012 and got a new Qualibat certification on Reinforced Concrete Repair.

This is why we honour ourselves to work repeatedly with prestigious institutions and retailers who regularly entrust their projects to SETIM.
We are also handling some projects for some of them throughout the European territory.

Our commitment to excellence in quality of service has also led us to obtain QUALIBAT certifications for each of our business areas (6 in total), and we have upgraded our operating procedures to ISO 9001 levels for imminent certification.
This will be a first for a national construction group of our size. "

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