Introducing SR KLim’

SR Klim’ is a young and dynamic team with experience and expertise in the areas of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, Plumbing, Smoke extractors and Renewable Energy.

Founded in December 2006, SR Klim’ was created from the synergy of its founders twenty years of experience working for the HVAC leader and multiple skills in the building trade that offers KZB group’s companies .

From technical studies to startup and maintenance, SR Klim’ is using all its experience to produce quality projects.

Studies and design made by our design office
- technical studies, on-site readings
- estimated costs
- runtime files
- implementation of plans and diagrams
- development of operating and maintenance guides

- installation of equipment
- equipment set-up
- networks balancing
- facilities fine-tuning

The experience, quality and reliability of SR Klim’ ’s employees is at your disposal.
Committing every day to maintain its quality standards, each project is conducted with rigor and professionalism, SR Klim’ ’s only goal is your complete satisfaction. For an installation or for any other project, without a doubt SR Klim’ wil bring you a solution suited to your needs and a wide range of services.

Trust our expertise

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