The Avenidor passive house

24 November 2017

France 3 TV visiting the Avenidor passive house

A news report from France 3 TV dedicated to the passive house designed and built by Avenidor on its development site.

24 November 2017

Creation of Avenidor company within the KZB Group

The Avenidor company was born out of our determination to develop and build passive buildings in accordance with sustainability, performance and the environment.

Qualification RGE

28 November 2016

SETIM gets RGE qualification

The french RGE label is qualifying eco-friendly artisans or companies.


3 August 2016

The KZB Group is launching the AVENIDOR project , the House of the Future

The KZB Group presents a house prototype, the only one of its kind in the world, replicable and affordable for the general public, 100% autonomous (water, electricity and wastewater treatment), and labeled "Premium Building Passive" by Passivhaus Institut. Which is the highest existing qualification in environmental issues and energy savings.

LOGIREP" à Bussy-Saint-Georges

1 August 2016

Rehabilitation of "LOGIREP" building into classrooms by SR KLim’ for OGEC Maurice Rondeau in Bussy-Saint-Georges, France

This worksite is about transforming an old 82 bedrooms student residency from the 90’s into classrooms for nearbye "Maurice Rondeau" Junior and Senior High School.

BRED à Paris Opéra

3 December 2015

Installation of heating and cooling systems by SR KLim’ at BRED’s Paris Opera sites

This program of heating / cooling systems works started in summer 2015 for a delivery in november of the same year.

Professionnel maintenance gaz

29 July 2015

New qualifications "Gas Professional" and "Rope access technician" for SR KLim’

SR Klim’, who was already labelled with Qualibat (Construction quality label) and Refrigerant qualifications, just got a new qualification as "Gaz Professional". On top of those attributes, three SR Klim’ technicians following dedicated training courses became official "Rope access technicians".

Logos S.Y. Design et SRKLim' Multitech

30 June 2015

The KZB Group sold SRKLim’ Multitech and SY Design companies to ENZO’s Corp group

June 2015, the KZB Group sold SRKLim’ Multitech and SY Design companies to ENZO’s Corp group. ENZO’s Corp is managed by Slim Kouache.

Laboratoire Biosphere

18 May 2015

SETIM creates a steel deck made mezzanine for Biosphere laboratories.

During 2015 first trimester SETIM created a steel deck made mezzanine for Biosphere laboratories located in Ile de France region.

Restaurant Hôtel des ventes Drouot

18 May 2015

SETIM renovated the Hotel des ventes Drouot’s restaurant in Paris

Early 2015, SETIM renovated "L’Adjugé", the Hotel des ventes Drouot’s restaurant in Paris

BTP Magazine et

30 April 2015

Press Review : KZB LOC & Kubota in BTP Magazine and

April 2015 - A BTP Magazine article (visible on about KZB LOC and its Kubota equipment : "Kubota, une marque d’appel pour la location"