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14 January 2020

Avenidor now proposes a full catalogue of passive houses

Your Passive house from 170 000 Euros Turnkey.

The Avenidor passive house

24 November 2017

France 3 TV visiting the Avenidor passive house

A news report from France 3 TV dedicated to the passive house designed and built by Avenidor on its development site.

24 November 2017

Creation of Avenidor company within the KZB Group

The Avenidor company was born out of our determination to develop and build passive buildings in accordance with sustainability, performance and the environment.


3 August 2016

The KZB Group is launching the AVENIDOR project , the House of the Future

The KZB Group presents a house prototype, the only one of its kind in the world, replicable and affordable for the general public, 100% autonomous (water, electricity and wastewater treatment), and labeled "Premium Building Passive" by Passivhaus Institut. Which is the highest existing qualification in environmental issues and energy savings.

AVENIDOR project, a 100% autonomous house, duplicable and affordable for the public

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a global problem affecting all humanity. During COP21, it has been reported that energy production accounts (...)

Wooden frame houses

Wooden frame houses have become increasingly popular thanks to their very advantageous price/quality ratio. In using renewable materials these (...)