AVENIDOR project, a 100% autonomous house, duplicable and affordable for the public

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a global problem affecting all humanity. During COP21, it has been reported that energy production accounts for 35% of GHG and the building sector itself represents 6%, totaling 41%.

These frightening numbers, incomprehensible given the diversity of clean energy technologies at our disposal added to the growing thermal insulation performance of materials, triggered our think tank regarding the reduction of our activity’s impact on the environment.

The Avenidor Project, our contribution to this quest, demonstrates that it is possible to change our thought patterns without changing our lifestyle.

We are creating a prototype building, unique in the world today, duplicable and affordable for the general public, 100% autonomous (water, electricity and wastewater treatment), and labeled "Premium Building Passive" by Passivhaus Institut. Which is the highest existing qualification in environmental issues and energy savings.

Making this project a success requires the consideration of hundreds of parameters in the design, in order to attain the following objectives:

  • 100% renewable energy self-production and storage
    • Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors
    • Tidal
    • Wind turbine
  • Heat load> 15kWh / (m².year)
  • Airtight ≥ 0.6 h⁻¹

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But the success of such an undertaking, beyond the scrupulous search for the most efficient equipment and materials, lies in a perfect implementation of the construction elements. What KZB Finance Group, with over 35 years of experience, is sure to achieve, aided in this regard by local expert partners.

In addition to being able to carry out the Avenidor Project, the KZB Finance Group has already signed an agreement with the Chinese state company Sichuan Port and Channel Development Co. Limited for the construction of two villages in China that will include several Avenidor prototypes. Confirming that the interest in this project, in France and abroad, is on par with its ambition.

KZB Finance Group is creating the home of the future.
This house will comply with the building optimization standards for decades, it will offer an exceptional living comfort while making substantial savings and most of all the Avenidor house will bring autonomy to its occupants allowing them to avoid using all energy sources destructive for our environment.

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